Fastest growing, professional quality gym equipment made in Poland* who is now expanding into United Kingdom. We are well-known from supplying the fitness club chains, commercial gyms, powerlifting and strongman contests. We deal with outfitting both commercial and home gyms, from the floor, through equipement, to accessories.

*All our products are manufactured in modern factory based in Poland. On the picture, you can see lasers used for cutting metal sheets and profiles.

Our company deals with manufacturing and distribution of heavy duty gym equipment. Thanks to the fact that we do not hire agents, we can offer competitive prices maintaining the highest quality of the product for both commercial and retail customers.
GRAND quality

Every element of our construction is subject to precise quality control. We want to make sure that the equipment is fully proven and safe before it end up in your hands. During the design and production of our equipment, the greatest emphasis is placed on the quality of the produced equipment. Moreover, thanks to the optimization of the production, distribution and assembly process of our equipment we have managed to keep the most competitive prices on the market. Thanks to this, when a Grand product comes into your hands, you can be sure that it is the highest quality product at the best possible price.

Grand Fitness
Professional heavy duty gym equipment made with pride. 🇬🇧 🇵🇱