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Category group : RIGS & RACKS
Tagi: gym, Heavy duty +135 kg

Racks and cages are one of the most essential gym equipments. It gives you unlimited training possibilities. Thanks to the attachments you can change your rack into multifunctional device with an endless list of excercises. Most of our racks have an option to insert our Grand Fitness deadlift platform.

GRAND Fitness Foldable Wall Mounted Rack 

  • heavy duty +135 kg construction, built to last
  • easy to assemble
  • galvanized powder coated steel
  • thick heavy-gauge steel profiles, numbered holes on the posts
  • included: 2 stringers, pull up bar and J cups (special finish prevents damage to the barbell)
  • maximum payload 500 kg per J cup, 1 ton in total
  • standard measurements: height: 2400 mm, width: 1320 mm, depth: 550 mm
  • can be customised (colour, height, logo on the background)
  • big range of attachments to our racks

To all of our racks you can also add different attachments:

    • monolift system
    • dip horns
    • safety arms
    • landmine
    • wall ball targets
    • jammers
    • safety straps
    • belt squat attachment
    • webbing safeties
    • pin pipes safeties
    • pegs for resistance bands etc.

Comes with commercial warranty.

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