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GRAND Fitness Monolift PRO

GRAND Fitness Monolift PRO – toy for the big boys – full scale monolift unit, giving athletes a way to perform heavy-weight squats and other lifts without having to walk the bar out from the rack.

Our GRAND Fitness Monolift PRO has already been used at various types of competitions including the European Powerlifting Championship. Lots of models sold to the professional powerlifting clubs.
  • built to last
  • made for heavy competetive and commercial use
  • 385 kg heavy-duty construction
  • heavy-gauge steel
  • hydraulic adjustment for smooth height adjustments
  • designed for powerlifting style commercial gyms and powerlifting competitions
  • allows for the easy start and racking of your heaviest squat and other lifts
  • comes in 1 part already assembled
  • as most of our products, monolift can be customised: colour, gym logo etc.

Comes with commercial warranty.

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