Grand Fitness Plate Loaded Lateral Raise Machine (freestanding)

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Grand Fitness Plate Loaded lateral raise machine (freestanding)

The plate loaded wall lateral raise machine is a great way to develop those hard to reach deltoids. The height of the handles are adjustable, so it will fit any height athlete and will bring huge benefits to your shoulders workout.

  • easy installation
  • commercial, professional grade
  • heavy-gauge steel
  • powder coated finish
  • perfect delt building machine
  • super smooth movement and compact design
  • adjustable working position height to suit any size athlete
  • unilateral arms provide single and double arm exercises while preventing stronger arm from compensating for weaker arm
  • sleeves which perfectly fits standard Olympic
  • non-slip rubber grip handles
  • machine can be also wall mounted, attached to the racking or free standing
  • customisation available: colour, height etc.

Comes with 5 years warranty.

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