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Category group : POWERLIFTING GEAR
Tagi: crossfit, heavy duty, powerlifting, strength, strongman

Grand Fitness Competition Yoke

Grand Fitness Competition Yoke has already been used at various types of competitions including the Polish Strongman Competitions.

Multi function design allows the yoke to be used for standard carry excercises as well as Zercher squats, push, drag excercisses and more.

  • 80 x 80 x 3 mm gauge steel post
  • 4 sturdy quick release pins to adjust the height
  • maximum payload up to 500 kg
  • standard measurments (can be cut to size): length: 1300mm, width: 1220mm, height: 2490mm
  • 4 weight loading pins for Olympic weight plates
  • adjustable crossbar
  • sturdy and versatile, can be used also as adjustable heavy duty squat stands (J cups, dip horns, landmine, safety arms, extra pegs for Olympic plates can be bought seperately)
  • applications: pushing, pulling, carrying, dragging, Zercher squat, press etc.

Comes with commercial warranty.


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